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In 1997, eighteen South Florida women 

and one lone, brave man who shared a passion for and devotion to the arts met over their weekly lunch to discuss how they could make a difference. South Florida was rapidly emerging as a powerful cultural force, attracting national attention and incubating talent on all levels in all areas, from dance to music to theatre to visual arts and more. The group understood that it would take dollars to help artists, students and organizations continue to hone their craft, which in turn would keep South Florida from ever again being the cultural wasteland it once was.

The Original Citizens Interested in Arts from back in 1997 have grown into a diverse group numbering in the hundreds. The arts are in trouble, which is precisely why we are needed.  
We dedicate ourselves to fundraising events and increasing membership so the arts may live and we may all experience and enjoy them.


we are INterested INinspired and INvolved

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