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The Grants Program

is the very reason for our existence.

We use every dollar we raise to support and sustain the arts in South Florida by:

  • Awarding grants to qualified, committed arts-related nonprofit organizations.

  • Connecting our membership to the arts community.

  • Maintaining the arts as a critical and civilized aspect of our society.


" We exist to write grants.  Our pride in our ability to support the arts grows each year, along with the increase in grant applications and amounts requested. The arts are in trouble, which is precisely why we are are needed.  


We dedicate ourselves to fundraising events and increasing membership so the arts may live and we may experience them.  We have a strict criteria to which each group must adhere, and we also have big hearts.

Our Grant Committee carefully reviews and selects each grantee, culminating in our annual CIA Grantee Awards Brunch.

We take great pleasure in presenting the winners with checks and applause, which nurtures all of us. "

Dr. Dorothy G. Koreman

Past President 2013-2015

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